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IBM’s Hybrid Cloud . . .

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IBM is ALL-IN on their hybrid cloud, stating “Apps that can easily move to the cloud already have. Meanwhile, two out of every three apps remain on-premises due to issues such as data gravity, sovereignty, compliance, cost, and interdependencies with other systems. This leaves enterprises caught in the middle of old and new, struggling to reach their transformation goals within a complex dual IT operating environment”.

Eleven years ago, my Xerox colleagues and I installed Xerox’s first Enterprise Content Management Cloud Solution for a major retail client. Over the next year, we learned much about why a hybrid solution would make more sense. An all-cloud solution can take productivity to its’ knees while on-premise only solutions defeat the purpose of cloud storage. Fifteen months later (almost ten years to the day) our implementation evolved into a hybrid cloud solution that today would still be considered best-of-breed.

IBM, Oracle, Xerox and other considered “old-school” solution providers may actually have the keys to the kingdom moving forward for best-of-breed business solutions. Case in point, Microsoft just acquired Nuance for $16B and many are wondering for what purpose? Stay tuned and you’ll find out as many more acquisitions may be in play.

Consider LEAPs on IBM as they are on the mark for the future of all things cloud.

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