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When, where, and how millionaires are made . . .

corneliussmurphy 0

It’s been a rough start for financial markets in 2022. What many traditional investment experts had predicted to happen for quite some time finally has. Absurdly valued businesses, yet to earn their first dollar, have had the wind knocked out of their sails. Fortunately, when this began the economy was strong and unemployment was at a record low. With lots of cash in our pockets, most of us were also no longer drowning in credit card debt.

Fast forward and even though the FED hasn’t backed-off just yet, we’re finally starting to see some signs of inflation leveling. We’re not completely out of the woods yet as the war in Ukraine continues to rage, still causing major issues for the energy and food industries. However, as the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500 take a chill pill, we’re at a point where rock-solid businesses with true earnings that got their asses kicked for less than valid reasons may be the first out of the gate for a rebound. We’re truly at a rare point in the history of our financial markets where millionaires and even billionaires will be made. Tesla and Ford are two of my specific picks for a variety of reasons, and I’m going all-in for these stocks to spike starting with Tesla, whom experts like ARK’s Cathie Wood make a case for the stock to reach a pre-split $4,600 in 2026. That, along with the recent up and down behavior which I’m detailing below make Tesla ripe for another potentially massive move straight north. Ford plans to be #2 in EV so my money is on them as well and at a much lower price point, options on Ford are much less expensive as well.

If you reach for the stars using this philosophy (whether you choose Tesla, Ford, or your own picks) you truly could be surfing the best money waves of this century as strong businesses get back to stock valuations which they absolutely deserve.

RISK – Trading options may result in potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the options markets. Do NOT trade with money you can’t afford to lose.