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Keep an eye on Tesla . . .

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Tesla stock has dropped substantially over the past year along with most of the market and it’s not a surprise to many as Elon Musk has been paying way more attention to Twitter with that recent acquisition. But keep an eye on Tesla as we move through Q4 and into 2023 as it’s ripe again for another huge spike in stock price which it’s famous for on virtually any good news as it did in November of 2021, January of 2022 and April of 2022. We believe that Tesla stock will be $200 per share before the end of 2022 and $240+ before Q1-2023 ends. Why? I’m glad you asked and I’ll briefly state my case below. Should you want a copy of our Tesla Spike Analysis White Paper simply email us using the secure contact page tab.

  • Tesla sells amazing cars, and similar to Apple, has a cult following of visionary believers, numbering in the tens of millions.
  • If you think that Tesla is just a car company, you’ve missed the plot. Tesla has several incredible offerings to include cars, trucks, solar roof shingles and an up-and-coming personal robot along with things behind the curtain that I’ll leave up to your imagination for now.
  • Tesla has over 1M orders on the books for its’ Cybertruck and the wait time for Tesla’s cars is over six months, so demand is still HUGE.
  • Other vehicle manufacturers are making progress in electric car or EV technology, however Tesla still makes-up nearly 70% of all EV sales here in the USA and should maintain its’ leadership position into late 2023.
  • With over ten years of EV car producing and selling, Tesla has more data on EVs and self-driving automation than anyone along with miles driven in the billions.
  • Next week, Tesla will make delivery on its’ first Semi and Elon Musk just might make an appearance and speech at that event. If there is any good news whatsoever, the stock will go north as it did this past week after two Tesla analysts upgrades.

Never bet against Elon Musk, even when he’s struggling as we probably have absolutely no idea what is really going on or what his long-term vision is for Tesla, Boring, Space-X and Twitter as well as early stage ideas that may be simmering in his brain.

RISK – Trading options may result in potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the options markets. Do NOT trade with money you can’t afford to lose.

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UPDATE on 12-15-2022 – After viewing this clip today on CNBC from Future Fund’s Gary Black, I’m even more convinced that Elon Musk is about to “right the ship” and hire a CEO for Twitter and get back to work at Tesla which all could certainly send the stock soaring once again. <<click here>>

UPDATE on 2-17-2023 – Tesla stock has doubled since its’ recent low of $101 to over $200 per share and our stock price spike strategy seems to be correct. Taking a profit at this point it your choice but never a bad idea.

UPDATE on 3-1-2023 – What did we learn from Tesla Investor Day 2023? Plenty from my vantage point and that of ARK-Invest. We received confirmation that Cybertrucks will start arriving this year, 2023. We now a much better understand of Tesla’s Commercial Energy Business. For those who still consider Tesla as just a car company, click this link for some quick reeducation as you’ve missed the plot. Tesla also announced that it will be building an additional Giga Factory in Mexico. Incredibly impressive are the facts on just how Tesla plans to reach 20,000,000 vehicles per year. Wright’s Law clearly applies to Tesla as they are masterful at reducing costs while improving efficiencies and product performance. The next generation of Tesla vehicles will far exceed all expectations. On a side note adding conviction to my thesis that Tesla will become the largest company in the world while saving mankind, I read yesterday that legendary investor Peter Lynch recently said “if you have $200 to invest, buy a share of Tesla and in a few years it could be worth $10,000.” Lynch ran Fidelity’s Magellan Fund from 1977-1990, averaging an astonishing 29.2% return per year during his tenure, so his opinion is one to pay close attention to.

UPDATE on 6-2-23 – CNBC Options Team agrees that it maybe a good time to play some options on Tesla. Take a look . . .