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Using Recycled Technology for Advanced Trading . . .

corneliussmurphy 0

Your trading technology doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, most of it can come from recycled products as I’ll describe below.

I consider myself an intermediate options trader. My technology setup is simple yet powerful using a variety of older devices. From left to right in the accompanying picture, you can see my iPad, which is about six years old where I check emails and trade in my Schwab, TD Ameritrade, SoFi, IBKR and RobinHood accounts. Next is a Samsung Tablet from 2009 which I only use to display my watch list on Yahoo Finance as well as the major indices. Next is an older, decommissioned Motorola mobile phone just for checking live stock quotes on Yahoo Finance. On the far right is my MacBook Air from 2021 where I trade with TastyTrade. This computer is also has an old Dell external monitor that my friend Erin gave me which displays TradingView for more advanced financial tools and research. In the background is a 15 year-old VISIO flat screen TV for watching CNBC, Schwab Network, Bloomberg and TastyLife. Just below it are my iPhone and my Android mobile devices as well as a smart speaker for voice command stock quotes and math problems, and for listening to business news programs on TuneIn Radio.

Technology for advanced trading doesn’t have to be expensive, and although it’s no Bloomberg Terminal, it gets the job done!